About us

At first we went through it all ourselves

There is no better experience than have first-hand experience of having our own eshop.

We run our eshop HonestMarket.cz

Start right now

Tomas founds Shoptet. It becomes the biggest ready-to-use ecommerce solution in the Czech Republic.


Petr and Gabriela build an ecommerce site for a cloth brand sam73.cz. It's a year turnover grows from 1 million to 15 millions.


We take over marketing strategies for sam73 (PPC campaings, remarketing, email segmentaions and A/B tests ). The year turnover goes up to 105 million.


Tomas sales his share in Shoptet.


We won with sam73 the best clothing ecommerce site of the Czech Republic in 2015.

It creates a demand for our ecommerce platform and Sellastica is founded. Tomas leads it's development and he is making a good use of his experience with thousands of shops in Shoptet.


Who will take care of you

Tomas Krejci
CTO and founder

Tomas Krejci

Tomas as a founder of Shoptet has an experience with thousands of eshops. He leads the developers team in Sellastica; the ecommerce platform with open API and a templating language which covers needs of a starting business to a big corporate company.

Petr Ogurcak
CEO and founder

Petr Ogurcak

Petr is being i the field of ecommerce sites since his 18 years. He always put himself in shoes of customers. He helped eshop sam73 to grow from 1 million to 150 million in a tear turnover over 5 years.

Gabriela Ogurcakova

Gabriela Ogurcakova

Gabriela helps our clients with brand building and marketing strategies.

Martin Tellinger
graphic designer

Martin Tellinger

Martin is an experienced webdesigner. His focus is usability and UX. He has worked on over 380 project.

Martin Novak
frontend developer

Martin Novak

Martin gives life to your projects.

Zuzana Pospisilova

Zuzana Pospisilova

Zuzana gives our numbers and order.

We'll care about you

We take every project as it was ours. Every project is important for us and we really care about it. We'll give you hand anytime; 24/7.

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